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23 December 2020

The misuse of information: tackling fake news that affects you or your business

December 2020 
By Digitalis
A quote from John Le Carré famously asserts that “The greatest single enemy is the misuse of information, the perversion of truth in the hands of terribly skilful people”. This has never been more salient than in the current era of social media, viral information, bots and online conspiracy theories, but the misuse of information no longer requi…

The global rise of electoral disinformation

December 2020 
By Carys Whomsley
Disinformation campaigns have been a notable feature of recent political elections, facilitated by the use of social media and the Internet. While recent information that we have consumed may make it seem like a modern phenomenon foreign electoral interference, both covert and overt, has a long history. As far back as 1796, a decree by the Frenc…

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