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28 April 2021

Big tech’s battle for our digital DNA: How digital regulations and customer expectations are changing the conversation about data privacy

April 2021 
By Digitalis
Have you ever accepted cookies from a website and wondered what exactly you have agreed to? Do you consent to terms and conditions without reading them? Do you truly know what personal data you are sharing in return for access to a website or app? If so, you are among a minority of just 1%, according to research in 2020 by ProPrivacy.

The disinformation challenge: responsibility, liability and moderation of online content

April 2021 
By Digitalis
The constant flow of misinformation and disinformation online presents a significant challenge for regulators across the world. With no overarching and agreed worldwide regulation of online content, every government adopts its own approach. The resulting fragmented landscape causes problems when it comes to agreeing who is responsible for disinf…

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