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The Rise of Digital Dictators: How Social Media is Strengthening Repressive Regimes

September 2021 
by Cally Salter
As the world bears witness to the international crisis in Afghanistan, urgent questions are being raised about how social media companies should address repressive regimes.

Online Privacy: The Risks and Effects of Data Breach

September 2021 
by Oliver Neil-Smith
The problem of data breaches, or data leaks, is now affecting hundreds of millions of internet users. Although it is practically impossible to eliminate all risk, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your business.

The disinformation challenge: responsibility, liability and moderation of online content

April 2021 
by Beatrice Giribaldi Groak
The constant flow of misinformation and disinformation online presents a significant challenge for regulators across the world. With no overarching and agreed worldwide regulation of online content, every government adopts its own approach. The resulting fragmented landscape causes problems when it comes to agreeing who is responsible for disinf…

Do my eyes deceive me? Deepfake technology and its implications

March 2021 
by Digitalis
Deepfake technology burst back on the scene at the end of February, following the publication of three deepfake videos of Tom Cruise on TikTok. The videos went viral, amassing over 11 million views, leading many to believe the Hollywood actor had joined the ByteDance-owned social media platform – despite the page being named “deeptomcruise”.

Cancel culture and the risk of speaking out

December 2020 
by Beatrice Giribaldi Groak
Cancel culture is a term that has continued to make headlines in recent months. To ‘cancel’ a high-profile individual or organisation online is to ardently remove support for them due to disagreeing with their views, usually on a particularly sensitive topic. Its original purpose was to demand greater accountability from public figures during th…

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