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Is free speech really free? Understanding women’s online safety in the context of 2022’s free speech debates

June 2022 
by Eve Bolton
Since the birth and widespread adoption of the internet, the digital world has become increasingly entwined with the physical world, affecting how we interact in society and making it difficult to distinguish our online and physical selves.

Social media disinformation warfare: is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine the first “social media war”?

April 2022 
by Yana Milcheva
In the early hours of 24 February, news reports flooded the internet announcing the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, referred to by Russia’s President Putin as a “special operation”. Since then, the online space has become an extension of the battlefield, providing a platform for acts of kindness and support for the Ukrainian people, but a…

Truth Social: the launch of Trump’s social platform

April 2022 
by George Slade
Truth Social was officially launched on 21 February 2022. The launch marked the return to social media of former US President Donald Trump, whose regular, no-holds-barred social media use helped define his days in office. After a year of relative quiet since his removal from many online platforms, much of the discussion surrounding his latest ve…

New year, new me – but same old data dilemma: fitness apps and their privacy implications

December 2021 
by Yana Milcheva
From avid runners to newbies just starting out on our fitness journey, many of us will be donning our workout gear and running shoes as soon as January arrives. Millions of us choose the new year to start a fitness drive, with fitness app downloads enjoying a corresponding seasonal spike in popularity. App stores include hundreds of fitness trac…

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