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4 August 2022

Changing the face of politics: the rise of deepfakes in the political sphere

August 2022 
By Beatrice Bacci
Recently, several mayors of European capitals held talks via video with a man claiming to be Vitali Klitschko. However, despite looking and sounding like Klitschko, the video was filtered through deepfake technology and he was not in fact the former heavyweight boxing champion turned figurehead for the Russo-Ukrainian war. Deepfake technology…

Ask the expert: Partner Fred Duff Gordon discusses Digitalis’s work in the financial services sector

August 2022 
By Fred Duff Gordon
Digitalis’s Financial Services Partner Fred Duff Gordon helps clients to manage the online narrative around a given issue or event. He takes a few minutes out to discuss his work and some of the opportunities for his clients in a world of rapid digital and societal change. Tell us a little about your background, how you came to work at Digit…

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