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Digitalis’s Corporate Practice advances and safeguards the interests of listed and private companies. We use a unique combination of skills and technology in our corporate services to identify opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and threats facing a company, its board and senior management. 

We are experts in helping companies of all sizes to target messaging around specific issues towards key audiences through search. We manage the availability, accuracy, and sentiment of digital content for businesses and senior executives on search, advancing their interests with a variety of stakeholders and protecting their reputation from hostile activity.

We combine the expertise of our multi-skilled team with our unique technology to protect our clients from a broad range of digital threats, through proactive and reactive digital campaigns.

Private Companies

Digitalis’s Private Companies Practice advises companies owned by entrepreneurs, families and private equity, to help advance their online interests and manage complex digital challenges.

Working with both established family businesses and fast-growing companies, we provide expert advice and technical services to strengthen the company’s online positioning. We protect companies from a range of potential threats arising from increased online scrutiny relating to major events or historic issues.

Combining our leading technology and the expertise of our team, our services shield our clients from a range of digital threats, enabling companies to harness the opportunities of the online environment.


Digitalis’s Government Practice provides online open-source research and intelligence on debates and issues that are critical to the safety, security and wellbeing of a state. Using our technology and digital crawling tools, our team of experts determines the range of voices and arguments that make up a community of views with the potential to impact and affect government-led initiatives.

Our technology and services help further the effect and reach of government projects, both foreign and domestic. We work with ministries to ensure the key features of an initiative, programme or investment are highlighted to their target audiences.

We can also identify, collect and analyse the data that makes up a disinformation campaign, providing governments with a deep understanding of complex and hostile digital activity.

Professional Services

Digitalis’s Professional Services Practice works closely with law firms, in-house general counsel and incumbent communications teams, as well as external PR agencies and marketing organisations.

Underpinned by proprietary software, we help our clients build resilience into their online and digital profiles, identify potential future risks, and harness opportunities presented online.

We work closely with our partners, helping them further the interests of their clients online by providing digital litigation support and intelligence, or by maximising a business decision’s effectiveness before or after an event or crisis.

Financial Services

Digitalis provides technology and advisory services to a range of financial services clients including banks, insurers, public and private markets investment managers, as well as issuers and privately owned companies spanning the US, EMEA and Asia.

We help clients to identify idiosyncratic risk and harness the opportunities presented by the unregulated, unstructured, and decentralised online information environment – often in preparation for planned high-value events or pursuant to unplanned events.

Our senior partners provide strategic consultancy across all digital platforms, drawing on experience in business intelligence, strategic communications, capital markets and internet services.

Private Clients

Digitalis’s Private Clients Practice is dedicated to protecting and furthering the online interests and narratives of prominent, yet private, individuals who are often under the scrutiny of the media and public across the US, EMEA and Asia.

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