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Crisis advisory

In today’s digital age, effective crisis management requires specialist tools and skills. Digitalis is a specialist in online information risk management, and offers a powerful crisis preparedness and response capability where clients have exposure online.

Driven by the combination of unique actionable digital intelligence and an experienced crisis advisory team, our crisis management service strengthens preparedness planning, enhances the response decision-making processes, and enables clients to resolve issues more swiftly and effectively when crises strike. 


Our strategy equips clients to effectively prepare for, identify and then resolve crises that may unfold online in order to safeguard their reputation, mitigate operational risk, and ensure business continuity. In today’s digital landscape, where threats to clients’ interests and reputations are increasingly prevalent online, our proprietary technology and the quality of our advice is what sets us apart. These services include:

  • 24/7 live crisis response support: Our team is always ready to respond to crises, ensuring you have immediate assistance.
  • Crisis management planning: We assist you in preparing for and effectively navigating crises, creating a proactive approach to crisis management.
  • Online threat monitoring: Our vigilant eyes and proprietary technology track potential online threats and evolving narratives in real time.
  • Online narrative management: We excel in guiding the narrative around contentious situations and high-stakes disputes, enabling you to maintain control.
  • Online reputation management: We work tirelessly to protect and enhance your online reputation, ensuring your digital presence remains strong.
  • Hostile narrative mapping: We map out the spread and extent of hostile narratives regarding your operations, helping you to understand the scale of the problem.
  • Social media investigations: We uncover false information, coordinated inauthentic behaviour, and the real-life actors behind them, ensuring a transparent online environment.
  • Serious harm assistance: We support clients in proving serious harm, giving you the necessary information required to take legal action when appropriate.
  • Social media and online risk training: We offer comprehensive training to mitigate online risks effectively, ensuring your family or your team is prepared.

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