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29 January 2021

Do your lockdown habits carry unintended digital consequences?

January 2021 
By Digitalis
The physical limitations placed on us since early 2020 have contributed to an explosion in the use of technology. Isolated from friends, family and colleagues, and with shops and workplaces closed, we are turning to technology more than ever. An Ofcom study revealed that in 2020, our average internet usage increased to four hours per day (rising…

The rise of alternative search engines: will new models lead to a decline in google’s dominance?

January 2021 
By Tom Whitley
Google needs no introduction. Its name is so ubiquitous that it has become a verb, and it is almost inextricably connected with the very concept of the internet. A report from October 2020 by a US Government antitrust subcommittee found Google is used for 81% of all general searches on US desktops, with that figure rising to 94% on mobiles.

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