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24 January 2024

AI in the food and drink industry: from culinary creations to combatting counterfeits

January 2024 
By Tom Head
We examine the impact AI technology is having across the food and drink industry, from creating new recipes to enabling restaurants to run more efficiently. We also focus on AI’s ability to accurately pinpoint the origin of wines, and the potential application of this technology in combatting the counterfeit wine industry.

Ask the expert: Head of Business Development Mohamed Abouzaid discusses Digitalis’s work in the MENA region

January 2024 
By Mohamed Abouzaid
Abou leads Digitalis’s operations and business development in the Middle East and North Africa, advising government and corporate clients and law firms on issues of reputation management and strategic communications. On the first anniversary of the opening of our Dubai office, we ask him a few questions about the unique challenges and opportunit…

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