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23 March 2021

Do my eyes deceive me? Deepfake technology and its implications

March 2021 
By Digitalis
Deepfake technology burst back on the scene at the end of February, following the publication of three deepfake videos of Tom Cruise on TikTok. The videos went viral, amassing over 11 million views, leading many to believe the Hollywood actor had joined the ByteDance-owned social media platform – despite the page being named “deeptomcruise”.

Meme stocks mania and market sentiment

March 2021 
By Carys Whomsley
Online investing communities on platforms such as Reddit and Stocktwits have been instrumental in the birth of meme stocks and the recent shift in power over market sentiment. While difficult to define, meme stocks are broadly understood to be stocks valued on hype rather than fundamentals, and subject to volatility driven by social media.

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