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Economic recovery & combating disinformation

June 2021
 by Digitalis

Economic recovery & combating disinformation

June 2021
 By Digitalis

On the 27 May, Digitalis’s CEO, Dave King, joined Concordia Live to discuss how we combat global misinformation with Former UK Home Secretary & Member of Parliament, Amber Rudd; Former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson and Founder & CEO of Concordia, Matthew Swift.

The discussion focused on the fragility of trust and the great many actors using digital channels to break down our faith in our institutions, governments, media and revered individuals.

As part of this exploration, they examined the role of big-tech and its uncharacteristic cooperation with government over the course of the pandemic, contrasting this with the attack on Capitol Hill, which was largely fuelled by the spread of misinformation on social media. 

Despite big-tech and the government’s efforts to walk the tight rope between the first amendment and ensuring accurate and verifiable information was delivered, misinformation has still been able to thrive. Jeh Johnson pointed out that the internet still acts as a tool in which one can confirm their existing bias, as was evidenced on January 6th.

Naturally, the conversation quickly turned to the question, who should be arbiter of truth in today’s digital society?

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