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“I don’t Google anymore, I TikTok”: how TikTok may surpass Google as the top search engine

August 2022 
By Yana Milcheva
The “I don’t Google anymore, I TikTok” sentiment can be seen across viral tweets, Instagram posts, and daily conversations in which “According to a TikTok video I watched…” is now a common phrase. TikTok’s users agree that the platform provides more specific and authentic recommendations than Google searches. While Google searches for restaura…

Social media disinformation warfare: is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine the first “social media war”?

April 2022 
By Yana Milcheva
In the early hours of 24 February, news reports flooded the internet announcing the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, referred to by Russia’s President Putin as a “special operation”. Since then, the online space has become an extension of the battlefield, providing a platform for acts of kindness and support for the Ukrainian people, but a…

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