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Articles By Viv O’Connor-Jemmett

Focus on: Corporate Practice – Q&A with Viv O’Connor-Jemmett

October 2021 
By Viv O’Connor-Jemmett
Our Corporate Practice partner, Viv O’Connor-Jemmett, takes a few minutes to discuss how he works with our corporate clients and the new and emerging challenges they face. Tell us a little about your background, your practice area and how you came to be a partner at Digitalis. I have spent most of my career working in an advisory capacity …

Anti-vax: The Battle to Control the Online Narrative

October 2020 
By Viv O’Connor-Jemmett
The likelihood of the global science community developing an effective Covid-19 vaccine over the next year is a matter of greater uncertainty than much of the public debate suggests. None of us find the concept of probability easy to handle and expectations are high. How and where the vaccine can then be manufactured at scale, at reasonable cost…

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