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Ask the expert: Director and Head of the Client Advisory Team Jessica Shelver discusses ORM for private clients

December 2022 
By Jess Shelver
Jessica Shelver is a Director and Head of the Client Advisory Team at Digitalis, specialising in online reputation management for private clients. We ask her a few questions about her work and the challenges faced by private clients across different global markets in an ever-changing digital landscape. Tell us a little about your background,…

The role of culture and values in protecting against cancel culture

February 2022 
By Jess Shelver
Today’s world is governed by fluid and emerging rules, and nowhere is this more evident than in the cancel culture movement, where one ill-considered action, phrase or move can damage an individual or company brand irreparably.  Cancel culture is the process of shaming and boycotting a person, brand or company. It is a growing phenomenon in a…

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