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Ask the Expert: Chiara Cuccu, Head of Digitalis’s Financial Services Practice

March 2024 
By Chiara Cuccu
Chiara Cuccu heads up Digitalis’s Financial Services Practice, supporting clients with online reputation and narrative management. She takes a few minutes to answer our questions on the work of the Financial Services Practice and how she helps clients manage the impact of digital trends and developments in an ever-changing external environment.

Meme stonks: One year on

February 2022 
By Chiara Cuccu
In early 2021, what had been a lockdown hobby for some suddenly became a phenomenon of global relevance. Throughout 2020, more people took up retail investing through apps like Robinhood and online forums such as the subreddit r/WallStreetBets. This culminated in AMC Entertainment and GameStop’s short squeeze, which caused major financial conseq…

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