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Ask the Expert: Associate Director of Digital Risk, Carys Whomsley, discusses digital profile management and reputation audit

April 2022 
By Carys Whomsley
Carys Whomsley takes a few minutes to talk about her work in digital profile management, discussing the complexities for UHNWIs, senior leaders and high-profile families in ensuring they stay protected online in terms of their security and their reputation. Tell us a little about your background, how you came to work at Digitalis, and how you…

Introducing Digitalis’s Disinformation Investigations Unit

December 2021 
By Carys Whomsley
While influence operations are most widely discussed in the context of politics and electoral interference, they are no longer confined to state-on-state activity. They are increasingly being deployed against a variety of targets, from private individuals to multinational corporations, with a material impact. These often seemingly random assault…

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