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Articles By Adam Ispahani

Biometric data and the risks of giving it away

January 2024 
By Adam Ispahani
Services that use our biometric data are now widely used for a range of purposes, from finding out about our ancestry or our predisposition to medical conditions, to changing our appearance with face-editing apps. We examine the rise in biometric data sharing, and outline the steps you can take to protect your data – and your identity.

AI voice tools: how do they work and what are the risks?

August 2023 
By Adam Ispahani
We investigate the world of AI voice technology, and the threats posed by its increasing use and easy availability. With modern tools making it possible to replicate a person’s voice increasingly convincingly, we examine how AI voice tools work, their uses, and the risks they carry when in the hands of those wishing to misinform or cause harm.

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